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“Growing up in Bangkok, Thailand, I enjoyed snacks from the street vendors the most. All items of our appetizers are made from my memories of best street food in Bangkok. The main and the noodle dishes are from my mother recipes and from my travel experience throughout Thailand. Thai food always bring me back to Thailand, I hope to create that same experience to our customers as well” – Patcharin Smith, Owner & Pad Thai Chef

1. Crispy Wonton (8) $14.50
Ground pork and shrimp wrapped in Wonton paper with apple salsa.

2. Money Bag (6) $11.95
Steamed pork wrapped in Wonton paper drizzled with garlic oil and soy sauce.

3. Lemongrass Chicken Wings (8-10) $14.95
Fried Chicken wings tossed in Lemongrass salt & pepper.

4. Chicken Satay (4) $14.95
Satay style chicken skewers served with Peanut Sauce.

5. Salad Rolls (4) $16.50
Choice of barbeque chicken or tofu with vegetables and herbs wrapped in rice paper served with house lemon dressing with peanuts.

6. Calamari Crunch (6oz) $15.95
Herb crusted Cuttlefish served with Ginger Turmeric Aioli.

7. Pin Wheel (6) $13.95
Chicken dumplings pan fried served with house soy sauce.

8. Signature Shrimp Cake (5) $19.95
Fried ground shrimp mixed with chili paste,Thai ginger, basil served with tamarind sauce with peanuts.

9. Spring Roll (4) $11.95
Ground chicken, vegetables, and vermicelli in spring roll paper served with sweet chili sauce.

10. Bang Bang Shrimp (8) $16.95
Thai Style spicy salt & chili prawns served with shrimp cracker.


Soups & Salads
20. Tom Yum Goong $7.95
Thai creamy style hot and sour soup with prawns and mushrooms.

21. Tom Kha Gai $7.50
Chicken and mushrooms in coconut milk with herbs and Thai ginger.

22. Green Papaya Salad $16.50
Green papaya, prawns, tomatoes, and green beans with lime and chili spice, topped with peanuts.

24. Lava Pork $20.95
Barbeque pork with herbs mixed with rice crumbs and spicy dressing.

25. Crying Tiger $22.95
Pan seared beef with rice crumbs, fresh herbs in chili lime dressing.

26. Jackie Chan $22.95
Jackie Chan's favourite Thai style spicy beef salad.

30. Cashew Chicken $20.95
Crispy chicken or tofu glazed with sweet chili sauce, topped with cashew nuts.

31. Sa-On Omelette $20.95
Thai style omelette with crab meat and ground shrimp.

32. Pandan Chicken $20.95
Marinated chicken wrapped in pandan leaf, served with sweet chili sauce.

33. Ginger Pork $20.95
Stir-fried pork with fresh ginger and vegetables in bean sauce.

34. Red Bull $22.95
Beef mixed with red chilies and turmeric.

35. Garlic and Pepper Prawns $28.95
Lightly battered garlic and pepper prawns served on a bed of mixed vegetables.

36. Pad Kra Pow $20.95
Spicy basil stir-fried in a garlic chili oil with bell peppers. Choice of ground chicken or pork. Thai's favourite!
Add crispy fried egg. $5.00

37. Mixed Vegetables $20.95
Mixed vegetable stir fried with mushrooms or peanut sauce. Choice of chicken or tofu.

38. Drunken Prawns $28.95
Crispy prawns stir-fried with eggplants, smoked chili sauce, and peanuts.

39. Chu Chi Basa $24.95
Crispy basa fillet drizzled with rich red curry sauce on a bed of spinach.

40. Pineapple Fish $22.95
Crispy basa topped with sweet chili pineapple sauce and crispy basil.

41. Pla Sa-On $29.95
Deep fried whole tilapia served with garlic chili lime dressing.


Thai Curries
All curries are served with your choice of chicken, pork, beef, or tofu.

45. Green Curry $22.95
Zucchini, broccoli, and green beans.
For Seafood option, please add $6

46. Red Curry $22.95
Bamboo, baby corn, and peppers.
For seafood option add $6

47. Yellow Curry $22.95
Potatoes and pineapples.
For seafood option, add $6

48. Masaman Curry $22.95
Potatoes, onions, and peanuts.
For seafood option, add $6

49. Panang Curry $22.95
Spinach, Peppers and peanuts.
For seafood option, add $6


Sides and Rice
Jasmine Rice (16 oz) $3.00

Coconut Rice (16 oz) $3.75

Plain Roti $3.75

Side Peanut Sauce (4 oz) $2.50

Extra Meat (6 oz) $12.00

Extra Vegetables $5.00

Condiments $0.75 each
  • Fresh Chili Sriracha
  • Chili Fish Sauce
  • Fresh Garlic & Chili in Oil
  • Fried Garlic & Chili in Oil
  • Soy Sauce

Noodles & Fried Rice
50. Pad Thai $20.95
Rice noodles stir-fried with chicken, prawns, tofu, egg, bean sprouts, and chives in tamarind sauce.

51. Pad Se Ew $19.95
Fresh rice noodles stir-fried with chicken or pork with Chinese broccoli and egg.

52. Drunken Noodles $20.95
Rice noodles and chicken stir fried in a smoked chili sauce with basil.

53. Noodle Delight $19.95
Rice noodles stir fried with chicken and vegetables, topped with peanut sauce.

54. House Special Fried Rice $22.95
Fried rice with crab meat, shrimps, fish roe and egg served with chili fish sauce.

55. Original Pork Fried Rice $19.95
Pork fried rice with Chinese broccoli and egg.

56. Pineapple Chicken Fried Rice $19.95
Chicken fried rice with curry powder, pineapples, and cashews.


Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango $8.50

Roti with Condensed Milk $4.50
Add Milo Chocolate Powder $0.50

Coconut Ice Cream $4.95

Roti-Banana $8.00

Banana Flambe with Coconut Ice Cream $11.95