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There is an unmistakable spectrum of flavors embodying the heart and soul of Thai food. With nutritious, fragrant herbs and pungent spices, which provide the dazzling array of delicious and glorious awakening of the taste, that make Thai cuisine so unique and taste like no other cuisine on earth.

While everyday meals are down-to-earth, our classic Royal Thai Cuisine -- sometimes known as "Palace Cuisine" -- is more complex and refined. At Thai Sa-on, we are delighted to serve you both. 

Here's how John Gilchrist and Catherine Caldwell described our food in the November 2004 issue of Avenue Magazine:

"Thai Sa-on's tom yum soup sparkles with lemon grass and chilies, the lamb nua is an intriguing exploration into marinated beef, and the curries range from delicate to oh-my-God hot. It is good food, the kind that magically makes you hungrier as you eat."                                                        

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